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UPDATED 02.15.11

Total Fall Protection

Inspections / Training / Sales / Consulting

Industry today demands that worker safety be
the highest priority and constant diligence be practiced.

In today's competitive environment, contractors, service companies and maintenance departments are now realizing the greater cost of employee protection.

The simple idea of supplying an employee with fall protection equipment and having them execute a company policy that they do not understand has fallen to the way side.

Each day in Canada employees put themselves at risk due to constant time demands, cost cutting measures and lack of information.

The practice of giving an employee fall protection equipment is no longer acceptable.

With the constant rise of insurance, fines and public awareness, the spotlight is now placed on worker safety. Industry has come to realize that a sound fall protection policy is an essential part of their safety and business plan.

Total Fall Protection offers today's industry compliance in fall protection with programs such as:
  • Equipment inspection and accountability programming

  • Custom training modules that are built to a customers specific requirements

  • Sales of the right equipment

  • Site specific design, fabrication and installation

  • Engineering services

  • Consulting services
We supply only highly skilled personnel to deliver on time measurable results, exceptional application skills and superior product knowledge.

By working together we are able to design a total fall protection program that supplies pertinent information, equipment accountability, systems training and education thus substantially reducing your overall risk.

Total Fall Protection requires our employees to constantly challenge the static envelop that industry has become so accustom to.Our constant training, product development and industry involvement has allowed Total Fall Protection to become the leader in fall protection programming.